About us

About Us

Middle Rhine Tours Ltd takes pride in supplying a top quality service to our customers. We have developed our tour routes and selected our destinations to provide the most rewarding experience for motorcyclists.  The decision to base our tours around the Rhine Valley was a simple one.  Other motorcycle tour operators have largely overlooked the stunning scenery, attractions, activities and superb biking roads in this region.  We feel privileged to offer our UK customers the opportunity to discover the charms that few other places can compete with.
Dave Roffe is the Director of Middle Rhine Tours Ltd and the main tour guide.  He has been riding motorcycles for more than 25 years and has ridden extensively in Germany and many other European countries.  After owning a wide variety of different bikes, he now rides a Kawasaki ZX12R.
Before establishing Middle Rhine Tours Ltd he followed a career in the Civil Service working as an instructor for the Royal Engineers.
“I found my time with the Royal Engineers an invaluable experience in organisation and problem solving.  I was also fortunate to meet many interesting people from very diverse backgrounds, one thing they all had in common was an incredible sense of humour”.
“Only after some careful thought and research did I decide to follow my passion for motorcycles and launch Middle Rhine Tours Ltd, I haven’t looked back since”. He now spends much of his time in Germany.

From the moment you make your booking, to the completion of your tour, we provide a professional and reliable service.  As you would expect we abide by current UK law governing tour operators (Package Travel Regulations 1992).  These regulations also comply with current European directives applicable to tour operators. If you would like details of the safeguards we have in place, to protect you and your money, please contact us.
Middle Rhine Tours Ltd is a registered company (under the Companies Act 1985).
   Place of Registration:  Companies House
                                                                Company Registration Number:  6120964