Q. At what date and time will my ferry be booked?

A. Your ferry will be booked on the arrival / departure dates for your chosen tour. If you would like to sail on different dates we would be happy to make these arrangements at no extra cost, please contact us. You can select your preferred travel times on our booking form. We will arrange your ferry sailing as close to the times you select as possible (normally within one hour).

Q. I’ve never ridden abroad before, is this a problem?

A. No. Many people can be apprehensive about riding abroad for the first time, but you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes second nature. With the exception of riding on the right-hand side you’ll find the rules of the road in other EU countries are much the same as the UK. Please click here for our printable guide to travelling abroad with your motorcycle and riding in Germany.

Q. What are the checking-in / checking-out times at my hotel?

A. Checking-in times, on your arrival, are normally between 12.00 noon and 12.00 midnight. Checking-out, on the morning of your departure, is no later than 10.00 am. While staying at the hotel you can come and go as you please. All residents are given a night key for use when the reception area is closed.

Q. How do I know when and where to meet my tour guide?

A. When you first arrive at your hotel you’ll be told where to meet your tour guide the following morning, normally in the hotel lounge, and at what time to be there. On the first morning of your tour you’ll be given start times for the rest of your stay.
When we arrive at a destination on our tour schedule your guide will ensure you’re familiar with our designated meeting place and aware of the time you should be there for our return journey.

Q. When on a guided tour what happens when we reach our destinations?

A. Rather than insisting on a rigid structure we prefer to offer more flexibility to our customers. On arrival at all of our destinations you’ll receive an information sheet and leaflet (including a street map) highlighting places of interest etc. You can then explore at your own leisure. Your guide will of course be on hand to offer helpful tips and advice. On arrival at the burgring your tour guide will accompany you to ensure you know exactly what to do and where to go. With our Boppard tour day you’ll also have the option to let your guide show you around.

Q. What do I need to know about riding the Nürburgring-Nordschleife?

A. Your motorcycle must be road legal, if not you may be refused entry to the circuit. The noise limit is (95 db (A) according to near-field measurement. If your motorcycle has a race exhaust that exceeds this limit you could be excluded. Some people do get away with riding noisier bikes, but why run the risk of being turned away. You should also have rear view mirrors on both sides of your machine, tyres in good condition, working headlights / indicators, and full protective clothing.
Before we set off you’ll be given a short safety brief and information sheet (on guided tours only). The first lap of the sssNürburgring-Nordschleife is included in all our tour prices, you can purchase additional laps on your arrival at the circuit.
Riding the world-renowned Nürburgring-Nordschleife is of course great fun and quite an experience, but please bear in mind that it’s highly unlikely your Motorcycle Insurance, Breakdown Insurance or Personal Travel Insurance will cover you.

Q. Can I do my own thing?

A. Yes. You’re under no obligation to do all of the activities on each day’s tour. You may even choose to miss a day entirely. If you feel like heading off on your own our tour guide will be happy to advise you about routes, activities and attractions.

Q. What type of people do you cater for?

A. We cater for people of all ages and backgrounds who ride a wide range of different machines. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

Q. Is my motorcycle suitable for your tours?

A. You can easily complete our tours on anything from a sports bike to a custom cruiser. But we would suggest your motorcycle should have a minimum engine size of 500 cc and be road worthy and reliable. There’s no hard and fast rule here but we need to be realistic.

Q. How much riding experience do I need?

A. We would recommend that you have at least one years riding experience in the UK with a full motorcycle licence. It ssswould also be helpful if you’ve had experience riding with other people or in groups.

Q. What will happen if I can’t keep up with the rest of the tour?

A. We recognise that skill, experience and confidence levels are bound to vary from one rider to another. Your tour guide will always ensure he’s riding at a pace everyone’s comfortable with. No individual rider will be forced to ride beyond their own comfort zone.

Q. How long will we be riding each day?

A. The total approximate mileage covered during our tours is shown on the relevant tour page. Each riding day will vary depending on our destination and activities. Our longest riding day will cover approximately 250 miles in total, but we make regular stops to stretch our legs and take on refreshments.

Q. How safe and secure will my bike be?

A. You’re three times more likely to become a victim of vehicle crime in the UK than in Germany (according to international comparisons supplied by the Home Office). Even so it would be foolish to ignore bike security.
sssIf you’re on one of our guided tours we can offer you free undercover parking, in our secure garage, just a five-minute walk from your hotel. Alternatively you can park your motorcycle directly outside your hotel, the area is quiet and safe.

Q. Why can’t you guarantee secure garage parking for your Unguided Packages?

A. In most cases we can offer this facility, but we can’t guarantee it. If your stay coincides with a fully booked guided tour sssthen unfortunately garage space may be limited. You can still park directly outside your hotel, the area is quiet and safe.

Q. Can I hire a bike from you?

A. Unfortunately we don’t have motorcycles for hire. We would be happy to supply you with details of suitable hire companies in your area and make the hire arrangements on your behalf. If you would prefer to fly to Germany and then hire a bike after your arrival we can also help with the arrangements. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Why don’t you accept credit / debit cards?

A. Our tour packages are offered at highly competitive prices. In order to keep things that way we try to reduce our administration costs to a minimum. Credit card companies charge businesses for each transaction accepted, plus a monthly fee. It’s a similar story for payment service providers. For these reasons we’ve decided not to accept card payments and pass the savings on to our customers.

Q. Can I access money easily?

A. Germany and most other EU countries use the Euro as their standard unit of currency. You can exchange Pounds Sterling for Euro’s at various places in UK High Streets. You can also change your money on cross channel ferries. UK credit cards are widely accepted in shops and petrol stations, debit cards are accepted in most ATM’s.
Your hotel in Boppard is a short walk from two major banks, both have ATM’s that accept UK credit and debit cards. They also offer counter services to people wishing to cash travellers cheques.
We recommend you don’t carry excessive amounts of cash.

Q. How much money will I need?

A. You’ll need to budget for the petrol you use. Petrol prices in Germany are similar to those in the UK. We give an approximate mileage covered during our tours on the relevant tour page. We also give an approximate mileage from Calais to Boppard on our Getting Here page. If you know your bikes average fuel consumption you should be able to work out roughly how much money you’ll need for petrol.
What’s included in our tour prices are also stated on the relevant tour page, but midday and evening meals aren’t. Eating out in this part of Germany can be relatively inexpensive. It’s common for a good quality evening meal to cost less than 12 euros (£8.50). There are also many cafes and restaurants to chose from. No doubt you’ll also want to budget for a few drinks (or more).
Other than this it very much depends on the individual. The best policy is to allow some room for error, the last thing you want to do is to run out of money.

Q. What documents do I need to bring?

A. Please click here for our printable guide to travelling abroad with your motorcycle and riding in Germany. This guide includes a section outlining the documents you should bring with you.

Q. How do I book a tour?

A. Our Booking page gives a clear step-by-step procedure for booking our tours. If you need help or have a problem imaking a booking please contact us.

Q. Can I bring my car on one of your tours?

A. Mmmmmmm. Afraid not.